Other Songs?

"All Because of You" Handwritten Lyrics.

New Songs Discovered in the Attic

After "knocking  it out of the park" in 1931 at the age of 17 with the iconic "Blue Moon," how did Ed Roman just disappear? Didn't this young man write other songs?

In fact, he had. The first clue were poems penned by Ed and found eight decades later in a portfolio in the attic. They read as if they could be set to music.

Then came lyrics on paper, and melodies notated on sheet music. And finally, a songwriting collaboration.

Enter Henry R. Dutton. . .

Henry R. Dutton Collaboration

Henry R. Dutton with Gregory Peck

     From the Memoir:

"A young club manager and amateur songwriter, Henry R. Dutton. . .proposed right after the article about the lawsuit appeared in The Knickerbocker Press that they collaborate. He empathized with my father’s 'difficulties,' and bemoaned 'this vicious circle that steals artistic effort so brazenly.'”

"In a letter of agreement, they agree that Dutton was to write the melodies and my father the lyrics, although some of the songs appear with my father’s name. . .on the music as well."


The tantalizing photo (left) of Henry Dutton with Gregory Peck in the 1948 Brown University Alumni Monthly is the only image of Dutton we have come across so far in our ongoing research. This photo is from 12 years after the known collaboration.

Henry R. Dutton Letter Page 1
Henry R. Dutton Letter Page 2
Henry R. Dutton Club Letter

Songs From the Attic

"Are You Really In Love?" ↔ "I Am Really In Love"


The collaboration of Ed Roman and Henry Dutton produced two fully developed songs: "All Because of You" and "Are You Really in Love?" 

The latter is a duet, the lyrics as well as the music penned by Dutton. An accompanying set of lyrics, "I Am Really in Love," was written by Roman as the response to the query posed by the song's title. 

Dutton copyrighted the music of both songs in 1936, as well as the lyrics to "Are You Really in Love?" Roman holds the copyright on the lyrics, "I Am Really in Love." 



Sheet Music. "Are You Really In Love"
"Are You Really In Love" 1
"I Am Really In Love" Lyrics.


More Songs

Two more songs are part of the collaboration between Ed Roman and Henry Dutton, and an additional two may or may not have been. While these songs aren't dated, they had to have been written no earlier than the end of 1936 and likely into 1937. They are:

Song "I gambled and Lost" Copy of handwritten lyrics.

"I Gambled and Lost"

"I Gambled and Lost" cited music by Dutton, although none was found amid the papers in the attic. But the lyrics by Ed Roman are complete, which intensifies this mystery. Did the sheet music get heaved into some trash bin? What other songs have been lost?

Copy iof written score "A New Star Was Born

"A New Star Was Born"

"A New Star Was Born" is a song that presents as a work-in-progress with music by Dutton and lyrics by Roman.

“Broken Hearts That Weep at Evening". Copy of handwritten music and lyrics

"Broken Hearts That Weep at Evening"

“Broken Hearts That Weep at Evening" is also a work-in-progress. But it cites Roman—rather than Dutton—as the composer of the music as well as the lyrics. Curiously, Ed's beau is listed as co-author on the melody.

“Stains of Love," copy of handwritten music and lyrics.

"Stains of Love"

“Stains of Love," is the only other composition known to exist by Ed Roman. His name is cited on both the music and the lyrics.